Context Awareness2008.01.10 17:39

1. TOVE (Toronto Virtual Enterprise)

(1) motivating scenarios : the start point is a set of problems encountered in a particular enterprise, which are often in the form of story problems or examples.
(2) informal competency questions : requirements of the ontology, based on the motivating scenario, described as informal questions that an ontology must be able to answer; this phase acts as an evaluation on the ontological commitments made in the previous stage.

(3) terminology specification : the objects, attributes and relations of the ontology are formally specified (usually in first order logic).

(4) formal competency questions : the requirements of the ontology are formalised in terms of the formally defined terminology.

(5) axiom specification : axioms that specify the definition of terms and constraints on their interpretations are given in first-order logic, guided by the formal competency questions as the axioms must be necessary and sufficient to express the competency questions and their solutions.

(6) completeness theorems : an evaluation stage which assesses the competency of the ontology by defining the conditions under which the solutions to the competency questions are complete.

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